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University of California Santa Cruz

University of California Santa Cruz
UC Santa Cruz is a public university like no other in California, combining the intimacy of a small, liberal arts college with the depth and rigor of a major research university. Reputation for Excellence: In its 45 years, UC Santa Cruz has earned national and international recognition for quality research and world-class teaching. Faculty include two of the University of California's honored University Professors, 24 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 14 members of the National Academy of Sciences, and 31 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Recognition of outstanding research has resulted in steady increases in contracts, grants, and private funding across all five divisions. UCSC faculty and researchers have received more than $100 million annually in external funding over the past five years, totaling nearly $1 billion in 10 years.

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduates enjoy access to 63 majors across five divisions and the opportunity to conduct original research on their own or with faculty mentoring.

Graduate Admissions

Graduate students pursue study in 34 academic fields and 46 concentrations, and are encouraged to explore connections between related fields.

UC Santa Cruz Extension

In the heart of Silicon Valley, UCSC Extension offers an accredited, convenient, and attractively priced alternative to degree programs.

UCSC Summer Session

Summer Session at UCSC provides students with the opportunity to fill in a needed class or try something different during a beautiful time of year.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office works with students and families to make college more affordable, with $180 million in aid distributed yearly.

Undergraduate Majors, Courses

The campus offers undergraduate students 63 majors in the fields of Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Graduate Programs

UC Santa Cruz graduate students earn advanced degrees in 34 fields. They are encouraged to explore the connections between their field and others.

Divisions & Departments

Departments are organized within the Arts, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences divisions; and the Baskin School of Engineering.

UCSC's Course Catalog

Updates to UCSC's Course Catalog are available online. Quarterly updates to course and program information are also reflected in the Schedule of Classes.

University Library

UCSC's libraries are at the heart of the university, state-of-the-art technological research facilities designed for collaborative learning in the 21st century.

Research Highlights

Research at UC Santa Cruz is thriving, facilities are excellent, and the amount of external funding received for research continues to increase.

Programs & Units

Research ranges from small focused activities within each academic division, to large research units with connections to the 10-campus UC system.

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students are plentiful, proving that research and instruction are mutually supportive.

World-Class Facilities

State-of-the-art labs, libraries, studios, and theaters provide researchers with the space and tools they need to create knowledge on a world-class scale.

Research in the Divisions

Research initiatives take place within each of UCSC's five academic divisions — collaborative activities that often involve people in other fields

Undergraduate Colleges

Undergraduates are affiliated with one of 10 colleges at UC Santa Cruz, vibrant communities that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus.

Activities & Organizations

Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) is dedicated to the success of UCSC's campus-wide student organizations and government.

Campus Calendars

The Campus Events Calendar is the place to go for the latest information on myriad activities, events, lectures, and performances on campus.

Athletics & Fitness

The goal of UCSC's physical education and recreation program is to introduce as many students as possible to lifelong physical activities.

Arts & Lectures Series

Arts & Lectures brings a wide range of high-quality artistic performances and cultural events to the UCSC campus and surrounding Santa Cruz community.

Maps & Directions

UC Santa Cruz is located in Central California on 2,001 acres overlooking the Monterey Bay. It is easily reached by major highways, with airports nearby.

Take a Campus Tour

Once on campus, you'll want to take a tour to experience all that UC Santa Cruz has to offer and get your bearings before beginning your own explorations.

Major UCSC Destinations

McHenry Library, 10 unique colleges, Science Hill, the East Field, Quarry Plaza and Quarry Theater, Farm and Garden, Theater Arts center, and that's just a start.

Transportation & Parking

The campus is best experienced on foot. Shuttles provide convenient transportation across campus and between the colleges and academic centers.

If You Can't Get to Campus

Until you get to campus, you can take a virtual tour and explore the many attractions of the UC Santa Cruz campus from the comfort of your easy chair.


UCSC students can register for classes, check grades, and do much more through the MyUCSC web site . This page contains many other links that provide resources for current students:

Emergency Information

  • Emergency Services
  • Police (phone: 831-459-2231)
  • Fire Department (phone: 831-459-3473)

Student Governance

  • Student Union Assembly (Undergraduate)
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Student Fee Advisory Committee

News / Events

  • Student Media
  • University News

Academic Information

  • Academic Calendar
  • Catalog
  • International Education
  • MyUCSC Portal
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Summer Session

Other Resources

  • Athletics
  • Bookstore
  • Colleges
  • Computer Support
  • Libraries
  • Student Directory
  • Student Employment


  • SCMTD Online (SC Metro)
  • Transportation & Parking Services


  • Cashier's Office
  • Deferred Payment Plan
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

Policies, Principles & Rules

  • Academic Integrity
  • Grading Policy
  • Navigator Undergraduate Handbook
  • Principles of Community
  • Rule Book
  • Sex Offense Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • UC Policies & Procedures

Selected Administrative Units

  • Registrar's Office
  • Student Affairs Division
  • Student Activities
  • Housing Office
  • Health Center